ERC Eligibility Report Questionnaire

The questions below refer to your business operations between March 2020 and September 2021

  1. Did you experience a full or partial shutdown?

    1. If so, what were the dates during which you were shut down?

  2. Did you have to fully or partially suspend any aspect of your operations due to government mandates?

    1. Was your business restricted to minimum basic operations or emergency operations only?

      1. What date did this begin and what date did it end?

    2. Did you ever have to close during normal working hours or reduce your hours of operation?

    3. Did your employees have to work remotely to comply with government mandates? Did this significantly restrict your ability to function, or provide services/products?

    4. How much did you spend in software, hardware, etc. in making the transition to remote work?

    5. Did you ever have to stagger employee presence or implement a hybrid work schedule?

    6. Did you ever have to suspend certain business operations? If so, which? For how long?

    7. Did mandated sanitation processes restrict or impede your ability to carry out your operations?

    8. Did social distancing in your business restrict your ability to carry out operations, or limit the number of customers allowed into your business, or amount of employees able to work at a time?

    9. Did your business suffer from employees contracting or being exposed to COVID-19 and having to quarantine? In particular, how many days of sick leave did employees take?

    10. Were you required to give employees paid sick leave? How much total sick leave did you pay out during the relevant period?

  3. Did you have to fully or partially suspend your operations because of lack of supply?

    1. Did you experience any difficulties obtaining necessary items or products from your vendors for your business?

    2. Which vendors, and where are they located?

  4. Did you experience a negative impact in any of these KPIs?

    1. Profit Margin (quarter over quarter if possible, if not, year over year.)

    2. Inventory turnover (inventory sitting on shelves, going bad, selling less items or lower number of services offered than in previous years)

    3. Customer satisfaction (According to retention surveys, online reviews metrics, etc)

    4. Job satisfaction (According to retention, services, etc)