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If your clients are looking for a second opinion on their ERC claim, you've come to the right place. At Armor Documentation, we specialize in providing the kind of in-depth documentation necessary to determine if, which, and for how long government orders directly impacted businesses that applied for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. With a comprehensive database covering all 50 states and an ever-growing number of counties, we have all the tools necessary to give you peace of mind as you and your clients navigate the complex withdrawal or claim amendment process.

Our process includes:

  • An in-depth interview with the business owner or representative where our Documentation Specialists dive deep into the full or partial suspensions undergone by the business

  • Comprehensive reports that details every more-than-nominal suspension, as well as weaving lesser difficulties into a full and readable narrative

  • Direct citations of executive orders, public health orders, and any other "qualifying government order related to COVID-19 that caused a full or partial suspension of trade or business operations" that link the suspensions outlined to specific passages in specific government orders.

  • PDF copies of the government orders cited included in the ERC Eligibility Package.

(For a further description of our process, see our Services page.)

A pivotal step towards a fully informed decision

Whether you ultimately decide to advise your clients to withdraw, amend, or keep their ERC claims, substantiation of their eligibility is an integral part of the process. IRS-2020-20, q. 70, asks "What records should an eligible employer maintain to substantiate eligibility for the employee retention credit?" Very first on the list is the following: "Documentation to show how the employer determined it was an eligible employer that paid qualified wages, including any governmental order to suspend the employer’s business operations." Whatever your client decides to do, and whatever you advise, this documentation of their eligibility is a crucial element in uncovering whether - and for how much - they actually qualify.


One (1) ERC Eligibility Package
(Interview, Report, and copies of government orders)
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*Invoicing is concurrent with the release of the ERC Eligibility Package to the client. An additional surcharge of $750 applies per additional state where business locations exist, but in the case of simple and straightforward business operations pricing may be lower than the median price listed above. Contact us for tailored pricing packages if you are looking to send a higher volume of clients through our process. Qualification for tailored pricing may depend on the number of ERC Eligibility Packages purchased.